Christina Aguilera Weight Loss

Christina Aguilera’s smoking hot figure is helping her catch attention everywhere.

The 37 years old American singer even made her critics go crazy after she posted her weight loss pictures on Instagram.

christina aguilera

Well, we never thought that Christina could increase her fan base this fast, and that too, with her transformed figure!

The girl is always praised for her talent, beauty and fashion sense, but her weight loss is giving her an extra advantage to rule the internet nowadays.

No doubt, Christina has never looked this perfect and jaw dropping before.

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To know more about her time to time transformation and fitness journey, let us put some light on her past affairs and see how time has evolved for Christina.


Christina, apart from having a soulful voice, possesses great acting skills. She stepped into the television world, through the series, Star search.

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However, her first album, ‘Christina Aguilera’ released in year 1999 took her popularity to new heights.

Few songs of the album were regarded as the greatest hits of that time, and were ranked in the Billboard Hot 100.

In the initial days of her career, the song presenter was skinny and fit. However, as soon as she became pregnant in 2008, her weight increased to a drastic level.

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Despite a major increase in weight, she was carefree and was looking forward to enjoy motherhood.

Overweight, but happy Christina still looked gorgeous flaunting her curves in her public appearances.

In 2010, the girl faced the most saddening part of her life when she got separated from her husband, Jordan Bratman.

After her separation, Christina consumed a great deal of junk as she was least concerned about her growing weight and looks.

Continuous consumption of junk and other unhealthy foods resulted in adding 40 extra lbs to her weight.

After her weight gain, Christina was subjected to body shaming and she was made to consider weight management.

She started following ‘fresh diet program’ that limits the caloric consumption of the dieters to 1600 a day.

Besides this, she limited the intake of dairy products and pulled her hands off the alcohol to a greater extent. She started focusing on healthy snacking options rather than munching on sandwiches.

Not just this, she also kept herself away from her favorite restaurants to avoid higher intake of calories.

Much to the surprise, she started going gym and giving herself the much needed time.

christina aguilera weight

The consequent of healthy diet and workouts were visible on Christina’s body and she proudly stated to lose a whopping 40 pounds in 2013!

A year of hard work finally paid off and there was Christina, fit and fab!

The positive changes were not just apparent on her body; Christina seemed too happy and satisfied with herself this time.

By reaching 2014, Christina encountered another major twist of her story! She was pregnant again with her partner.

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The happy mother-to-be was very positive about the news and was ready to welcome another member in the family.

Despite the possibility of gaining weight again, Christina continued her diet and a healthy lifestyle meanwhile.

After her pregnancy and to this date, Christina has been following a balanced lifestyle. Some reports suggest that she has managed to lose 80 pounds by now.

Well, we don’t doubt that, after all, she is very much consistent with her weight loss efforts!

So yes, her toned and well-shaped physique is an answer to all those who body shamed her and regarded her as unattractive.


Age: 37
Height: 1.57m (5.1”)
Weight loss in 2013: 40 pounds.
Current weight: 50kg.
Body Measurements: 38-23-33


The incomparable songstress believes that there were many factors that led her to self-indulgence and hence, gain weight.

christina aguilera weight loss

She believes that her separation from her husband and her father’s demise were some of the incidences that took a toll on her mental health and she was ultimately, moved to food for the sense of comfort.

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All in all, body shaming and her love for stage compelled her to get back in shape and here she is! Check out Christina Aguilera before and after photos  for weight loss inspiration!


From toothpick thin to overweight and back to a slim figure, the pop singer has experienced too much of fluctuation!

christina aguilera songs Christina Aguilera weight loss was a sheer result of a healthy lifestyle which the girl adhere for a better her!

The changes and choices she made helped her improve gradually.

Christina Aguilera diet, as stated earlier, was balanced enough to help her lose and maintain weight. She limited her caloric consumption and focused more towards protein and healthy fats.

She reduced the intake of alcohol and gave up on junk completely. All this worked and is still working in favor of this yummy mummy!

Christina Aguilera workout was customized by her personal trainer that encompasses around treadmill walk, weightlifting, yoga, cardio and abs exercises.

Following her workouts, she supplies whey protein shake to her body.

Her trainer ensured that she focus every part of her body, rightly.

The woman also counts Reiki as the practices that helped her transform.


Christina Aguilera weight, her transformation and her journey is an inspiration for women.

There are many celebrities who choose weight loss pills and other diet plans for weight loss but no idea if all these programs works or not.

Once depressed woman is now one of the most demanded and loved pop singers we have!